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Consequences for Out-of-State Drivers

November 8th, 2022

When lawmakers want to appear to be strong advocates of public safety,Guest Posting drunk drivers can be an easy target. Nationwide the penalties for drunk driving seem to be increasing without bound. Some states are merely increasing the potential punishments for all drunk drivers, while others are creating new laws specifically targeting highly intoxicated drivers. Consistently though, the trend is clear: the punishments are becoming more severe.Illinois is no exception; beginning January 1, 2009, the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol in Illinois changed substantially. All people arrested for drunk driving face harsher penalties than they did under the prior laws. For example, first-time offenders now lose their driving privileges for six months, rather than three months, even if they complied with the officer’s request and submitted a BAC level greater than .08.However, these penalties do not affect everyone equally. The changes to the laws governing driving privileges following an arrest for drunk driving have a particularly negative impact on individuals arrested for drunk driving in Illinois who have out-of-state licenses.License Suspension for Illinois Drivers When someone with an Illinois drivers’ license is arrested for DUI in the state, that person is subject to an automatic statutory summary suspensionof driving privileges. This suspension is independent of any criminal charges for DUI and is administered by the Illinois Secretary of State. The length of the suspension depends on the individual’s prior history.Generally an individual is not allowed to drive while his or her license is suspended. However, there is an exception to this rule. Under the new laws, a first offender with an Illinois driver’s license may obtain a Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP). An MDDP allows a person who is subject to a statutory summary suspension to drive after only 31 days, as long as that person complies with certain requirements.Notably, the MDDP requires the offender to have a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) installed in his or her vehicle. With a BAIID installed, the driver must submit to a breath test before the vehicle will start.The MDDP is expensive and burdensome. The individual is responsible for all costs affiliated with the BAIID, including fees for installation, rental and monitoring. The BAIID must be inspected regularly and the driver must maintain records of any unusual incidents. However, ultimately this is less burdensome than the complete loss of driving privileges.License Suspension for Out-of-State Drivers in IllinoisA different process applies to a person with an out-of-state drivers’ license arrested for DUI in Illinois. The state of Illinois lacks the authority to suspend an out-of-state drivers’ license; Illinois can only suspend driving privileges within its borders. Although an individual with an out-of-state license who is arrested for drunk driving in Illinois will generally be subject to a full license suspension, this suspension must come from the state that issued the license.Because Illinois is not suspending the license, the state is also not offering an out-of-state driver the driving privileges permitted by an MDDP. The Secretary of State is only authorizing MDDPs for individuals with valid Illinois drivers’ licenses. Accordingly, individuals without valid Illinois drivers’ licenses have no option for the reinstatement of driving privileges in Illinois.

How to Apply for an Illinois Security Guard License and PERC

March 30th, 2022

Before being able to operate as a security guard in the state of Illinois, you are required to acquire two documents. The first is a state-certified security guard license, which is a required document for security guards in every state in the US. The second is a document which is currently being used exclusively in the state of Illinois. The Permanent Employee Registration Card or PERC in short acts as a proof for the state and its business employers that you haven’t been found guilty of any felonies in the past. Not just security officers but private investigators and school bus drivers for instance need a state-certified PERC as well in order to legally perform their job. Let us go over the exact steps you need to go through in an effort to obtain a security officer license and PERC card in the state of Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation or IDFPR in short is the authority that regulates and issues PERC cards. The very first requirement for Illinois PERC applicants is that they are at least eighteen years old. No exclusions are made on this age requirement, not even for emancipated minors. PERC applicants who don’t match the age qualification shouldn’t even attempt to submit an application for a PERC, the Division of Professional Regulation is rather clear on this. Additionally they desire that applicants are in possession of a valid US ID or work permit and a social security number.

The first important step in the actual Permanent Employee Registration Card application process is to have your fingerprints enrolled electronically. The fingerprint registration is called for to allow a criminal record verification by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A number of you may well be comfortable by now with digital fingerprinting, however people who don’t have absolutely nothing to be worried about. First of all you’ll have to schedule an appointment for fingerprint processing at a Live Scan center in your area. Remember to show up on time and take a photo identification with you, the procedure will only take 10 to 15 minutes. Once the fingerprint processing is done, you will be given a fingerprinting certificate.

The moment you’ve published your fingerprints, you can start with the application procedure. This involves getting hold of an application form which is necessary to inform the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation that you wish to apply for a PERC card. The PERC application form can either be downloaded electronically from the IDFPR website or asked for at your security guard training academy or future employer. After you’ve obtained the form, you can fill it out and send it to the IDFPR. Make sure you include an up to date image of yourself and a copy of the fingerprint recording receipt which you have been supplied with at the Live Scan center. A $55 non-refundable fee needs to be paid for the PERC application processing. Your Illinois PERC will arrive in the mail within a couple of weeks.